Effective hotel internet marketing and digital strategies for luxury hotels. Marketing campaigns focus on digital marketing to promote brand standings online.

Local Hotel Internet Marketing

Online marketing is a reality; the marketing advertising budgets for hotels and resorts has entirely shifted from magazine and newspaper to today’s new digital media. This is why hotels need to start locally. Many international hotel brands have the means and unlimited budgets to invest millions of dollars ranking globally, even when having that, strategies may not be successful locally; therefore, there is a missing opportunity.

luxury brands can maximize their investment by starting implosion marketing targeting local neighborhoods.

Why Marketing your hotel locally?

The price difference between local and national digital hotel advertising can range from a couple of thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands. Focusing on maximizing your advertising money has remarkable benefits, primarily if you market your brand locally with search engine marketing. Money spent locally is money that will be added to the community by creating more jobs and increasing business opportunities for neighborhoods.

How should you hire locally?

  • Newspapers
  • Online Magazine
  • Forums & Online Communities
  • Youtubers & Bloggers

Rebranding Previews Digital Marketing Campaigns

Even the best hospitality marketing agencies make mistakes. Just because your hotel hired the best-known digital marketing agency in New York, Los Angeles, New Jersey, Chicago, Las Vegas or Miami is not going to guaranty full success.

All hotels online marketing campaigns have to start with a well-crafted marketing plan failing in one of the steps can mean failure.

Online Marketing Plan

  1. Research
  2. Analyst
  3. Create
  4. Deploy
  5. Track & Measure
    A.  Success levels
    All marketing campaigns are designed to accomplish goals, and tracking is vital to reach those goals. Most marketing campaigns require tweaking while they are in progress; either to make them better or to stop them entirely before they damage your branding.
    B. Tracking for Improvements
    Don’t change your strategy if your team is winning. A and B testing can help you determine how to optimize your campaign to achieve maximum results.
    C. Improving Your Campaign Success
    Tracking and measuring marketing campaigns allow us to make specific improvements while the campaign is in progress by generating more revenue and lowering advertising cost.
  6. Results

Failure to find flaws or opportunities at any stage of your campaign can mean complete campaign failure or not achieve full success.

Hotel Marketing Agency

LuxuryJourney a hotel marketing agency in New York City specializes in revitalizing failed hotel Internet marketing campaigns. We are not your typical hospitality marketing agency because we think differently. ROI and maximizing your marketing budget is our priority; we are determined to create new partnerships by treating every client as a member of our family.

We can work directly with hotel marketing and sales director to build long-lasting professional relationships.
Our company takes pride in honesty and discipline. We are here to help you engage in the right direction by starting a local marketing strategy with search engine optimization or rebranding old marketing efforts. Either or, we can save you thousands of dollars and improve your ROI.

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